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Yangzhou LEEBO Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. mainly producing and manufacturing industrial textiles. Our company is located in the famous historical and cultural city of Yangzhou, the company was founded in 1998, covers of 30 acres, now the company has 4 production lines imported from Germany and a large number of professional R&D staffs.  Warious types of stitch-bonded non-woven fabric and geo products is our advantage. Annual production capacity of about 14 million square meters. Products are widely used in industrial and commercial areas .

In addition, our company could also design and develop various kinds of stitch-bonded nonwoven fabric with special specifications and applications for clients, providing more convenient and practical solutions to better meet their different requirements. 



Stitchbond Nonwoven technology is a process that pierces through flexible substrates in the form of nonwovens, films, papers and foams (or combinations thereof) with a series of pointed needles positioned adjacent to each other. These needles then stitch either a simple or complex network of textile yarns into the substrate(s) to form textile/nonwoven hybrids for a broad array of applications. The stitching either strengthens or reinforces substrates, or brings an extensive number of alternative properties to the resulting composites.

Stitchbond polyester nonwoven fabrics are typically used in the following applications:

Carpet Underlay and Carpet Backing 

Curtain Interlining

Mattress Exteriors and Bedding 

Disposable Patient Lifting Slings

Upholstery Materials 

Pipe Lagging and Coverings

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