Print 90gsm stitchbond for roof , go to USA

Stitchbond nonwoven fabric is manufactured on a weaving machine that bonds or holds the web in place with longitudinal yarns. The stitch-bond manufacturing process leaves the fabric with a soft texture and often as soft as the original web.

Stitch-bond nonwoven fabric is ideally suited as an exterior layer for use in bedding and mattress manufacture with good wear resistance and excellent uniformity. Due to its strength stitch-bond polyester fabric can also be used in products where strength is critical, such as the manufacture of disposable patient lifting slings and mattress exteriors.

Stitchbond polyester nonwoven fabrics are typically used in the following applications:

Carpet Underlay and Carpet Backing 

Curtain Interlining

Mattress Exteriors and Bedding 

Disposable Patient Lifting Slings

Upholstery Materials 

Pipe Lagging and Coverings


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